GoPro information resources for new users

So you've got a GoPro, you've shot a bunch of content, and whether or not you were happy with the results, you're looking to get better.  In this post, we discuss the best websites and communities to learn how to "Be a Hero."

Videos: GoPro Tutorials Channel

This one should be obvious, but I often run into folks that don't realize GoPro has multiple youtube channels.  Their main channel features a lot of great content that you can learn from if you understand some of the behind-the-scenes, but if you're just starting off, GoPro's Tutorials channel is a great place to quickly learn some basics.  

Official information on new products and an inside look on how to use your GoPro products. If you are still having trouble with your GoPro products, visit

Videos: Mic Bergsma

In the GoPro world, Mic is as close to a legend as it gets. His channel has been around since the beginning, and he's pumped out GoPro tip and trick videos consistently for years on end.

One neat fact about him is that he's deaf, so many of his tutorial and tip videos take extra effort to SHOW you what to do, rather than tell you, which is awesome!  

Hey y'all! My channel is a fun mix of.. GoPro Tips, Tricks, tutorials, and product reviews. I love helping people understand how to use a GoPro and get the best pictures and videos from the camera. I also am a big quadcopter enthusiast.

Blogs/Videos: Abe Kislevitz

Another GoPro legend, Abe has been the "secret sauce" to a lot of GoPro's content production since the HD Hero in 2010.  Hired straight out of college by CEO Nick Woodman himself, Abe is one of GoPro's oldest and most experienced employees.

When he's not working for GoPro, he spends a significant amount of time traveling and "excercising" his GoPro skills.  He has a website where he published a number of blogs about GoPro hardware and software, often with deeper insights than most reviewers due to his proximity to the company!

Here is a link to Abe's website, and his YouTube channel is below!

We are the University of Southern California Ski & Snowboard Team! 2x Collegiate National Freestyle Skiing Champions & a whole lot of fun! Ford invited me to be an Agent for the Fiesta Movement. They've provided me with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and they're covering gas, insurance and administrative costs for the duration of the Movement.

Community: /r/GoPro - The GoPro Subreddit

There are quite a few GoPro related communities, but the GoPro subreddit ( is both the largest and most engaged user community that GoPro has.  

With 75k subscribers at the time of writing this post, this community allows its users to post content for feedback, discussion, news, and guides to help out users both new and veteran alike.  They have an extensive wiki of information available to read, and their weekly questions threads are a great place to ask that question you might otherwise nervous to ask in your own post.  

It's is frequented by GoPro employees (such as Abe, listed above) as well as significant social media personalities, and if there's news to be discussed (such as discounts, sales, new products, etc), you're extremely likely to find it there!

I may be a little partial to this community, as I'm a moderator there, but I think you'll find it to be extremely helpful!

Reddit can be a strange place, but also an extremely powerful tool!

Reddit can be a strange place, but also an extremely powerful tool!

Book: "GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking"

Authored by Brad Schmidt, one of the first GoPro employees ever, this book is a goldmine of insights for people looking to understand what makes GoPro's official videos so great.  Written for the Hero3 generation of cameras, some more modern features of GoPro cameras are not covered.  However, there are core "storytelling," mounting, and usage tips in this book that you will not often find from everyday online resources. 

The book also contains some pretty neat insights into company history, and has QR codes that link to videos from some of the first ever GoPro prototypes, which is pretty neat to see.

There are a lot of weird "homebrew" book guides to GoPro that are often little more than re-formatting of the manual, but this isn't one of them. This is core curriculum for the new GoPro user. 

Website: KnowHero!

I would hope that if you're reading this, you've already found KnowHero to be a solid resource for learning how to use your GoPro more effectively.

If there's something you'd like me to cover, throw it in the comments below, or head over to my contact page to let me know!

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