About authenticity and transparency...

Credibility is important to me.  

I put a lot of research and testing into the advice I give, and I do my best to never give advice or information based on a guess.  The statements I make are made because I personally know the answer, have seen the answer demonstrated for me, or I will note that I am unsure if I am correct and explain my familiarity.

My number one priority is to provide accurate and trustworthy advice, and as a part of this, I will always disclose when I have received product for free, at a reduced cost, or on loan from a coordinating brand/company.  I will not and do not write reviews for product I have not personally used first, and I do not take product in exchange for promotion without first using it to be sure that it's worth my viewers' time.

I will readily coordinate with any company willing to offer their products for consideration, but I can never guarantee that it's something I'll end up featuring or recommending.  The users always come first.

Most of my content contains Amazon Affiliate links. These links allow you to find the product(s) I’m talking about quickly an easily, and if you decide to purchase it, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This will never increase your cost, and helps me fray the costs of hosting this site and create new content.

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