No Hero?  KnowHero!

It can be frustrating trying to learn new things.  Even more so, it's intimidating to go into an experience as the "noob" surrounded by veterans.  Having been through this many times myself, I've found that I love helping people understand products, technologies, and ideas, and KnowHero is my outlet to share some of my own experience and knowledge with others.

I have a daytime career as a new product development strategist, but my background is in Industrial Design and User Research. I’m obsessed with all things tech, and I love geeking out and learning how to use new gear and sharing that knowledge with others.

One of my personal passions for quite a few years now has been action cameras, and part of my knowledge sharing has been as a community leader for one of GoPro’s largest and most active user communities (thus the large amount of GoPro related content posted here). The name “KnowHero” came about from a user making the frustrated comment they they were struggling with learning how to use a GoPro camera, and while GoPro’s slogan “Be a Hero” was on the box, they were “No Hero.” I responded that we all start somewhere, and sometimes all you need is for someone to explain something in an understandable way before it actually make sense and can be done yourself. I wanted to provide a place to get that simplified knowledge, and because I enjoy learning and sharing that knowledge with others, KnowHero was born.

While I enjoy helping users understand products, I also enjoy the inverse of that! If you have a project you want people to understand, please reach out! If you can provide a review sample, I can help people understand it! Authenticity is important to me, so let me know how we can work together in a way that makes sense!