How to get a 5% discount on GoPro products all year long (even on launch day).

GoPro discount codes and sales come and go, and there isn’t always a good deal when you’re ready to buy. Here’s how to get a 5% discount, 100% of the time, all year long, even on launch day when the camera is only a few hours “old.”

OK, so I’m big on not being click-baity and deceiving or wasting people’s time, so let me be up front about this- This takes a few steps to activate, and might not be a great option for everyone. Getting the 5% discount is contingent on a few things, and if you don’t meet that criteria, this discount isn’t worth the effort. But, if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, or happen to already meet the criteria, you could get $20 or more off a new GoPro. Disclaimer aside, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Have an Amazon Prime membership (or free trial)

MANY people already have an Amazon Prime membership. If you’re one of them, you’re already half-way to the discount. If you’re NOT an Amazon Prime member, you can consider one of two options-

  1. Get an Amazon Prime membership. The cost on this varies depending on your situation (such as US government assistance program participants getting up to half-off), but you can also choose to get a few months of Prime vs a full year. All you need for this is a Prime Activated account, so choose what works best for you.

  2. Use an Amazon Prime Trial. These will give you Prime free for 30 days. If you’re a student (valid student ID, .edu email, etc), you can get 6 MONTHS free using this link.

Step 2: Get/Have an Amazon Prime Store card or Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

These cards are the key to the discount. They get cash back on almost all purchases (1-2%), BUT if you have an Amazon Prime account, they’ll also give you a full 5% back on Amazon Purchases. If you don’t have a Prime account, the discount is still 3% on one of them.

Both of these cards are easy to apply to and neither has fees, but they are slightly different. If you don’t know which one to pick, here’s my thoughts:

Amazon Prime Store Card-

  • Benefit: It’s a digital card, you get approved immediately and can use it seconds later. (they do send you a physical card, but it’s just so you can reference it) Also, no fees.

  • Drawback: The Prime Store card is ONLY good for amazon purchases. You can’t use it at restaurants, the mall, or even other websites unless they use AmazonPay. Also, Amazon Prime is REQUIRED to use the card.

Get this card if you only want it for the discount/other amazon purchases, and/or are in a rush to get the discount (digital approval takes seconds).

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

  • Benefits: 1-3% back on all other non-amazon purchases, 3% back on and at Whole Foods, even if you don’t continue your Prime membership, 5% back on while your Prime Membership is active, plus no fees!

  • Drawback: It’s a physical card, so you’ll have to wait till your card arrives to take advantage of the discount.

Get this card if you might use the card outside of amazon, and/or might not keep your amazon prime account active (since it still gets 3% back on without a Prime membership).

Step 3: Make the purchase via

Now that you’ve jumped through the hoops, you’ll get 5% back for all purchases, meaning that if the new GoPro is ~$400 like it usually is, you can get near a $20 discount on launch day, plus all the shipping benefits of prime (which, if you’re purchased from, you know their Ground shipping can be 5-7 days, depending on location). The only caveat to this is that it needs to be purchased at and fulfilled by amazon. If you buy a used camera from a third party seller, the 5% might not be applicable.

However, anything from GoPro’s official Amazon store should be eligible, including cameras, mounts, accessories, and replacement parts.

That’s it! Not exactly “simple” if you needed to sign up for everything, but if you already had Amazon Prime, getting the 5% off via the card is free and has saved me hundreds on my Amazon purchases.

If this method worked for you, let me know in the comments below, and if you’re interested in getting 20% GoPro accessories for nothing (free), stay tuned for an article on that.

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