Vega II Logo Concept Wallpapers

If you’re an AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) fan, you may be aware that they recently trademarked what appears to be their second generation of Graphics Card branding, “Vega 2” (or Vega II).

They describe this trademark as “two triangles, joined at one corner, so that a leg of each triangle appears to form the side of a letter "V". The left side of the design is a single dark triangle. The right side of the design is composed of a smaller triangle and four alternating light and dark horizontal stripes.“

While it’s not possible to determine what their intention is with this new logo, it appears to me that they are taking the original Vega logo, and striping the right side of it to create the roman numeral II, or 2.

I extrapolated this idea out to visualize what they might do with this, and I converted the logo to a high quality vector, and this was the result:


After posting this to /r/AMD, a community of AMD enthusiasts, there were multiple requests to create wallpapers in varying styles, such as mimicking the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition color scheme.


While many like this new logo, some say it looks a little too much like the Adidas logo. I humored them and provided a special “Adidas Edition” logo.


Below is a collection of all the wallpapers I created, in 4k. Feel free to download them and use them if you like them!