Get 15% off the new GoPro Hero 8 and Max!

GoPro’s Hero 8 Black and MAX cameras were announced TODAY, and while it’s rare that we ever see a launch day deal or promo code, you can actually get $60 off all orders over $300 right now, meaning you have the opportunity to get a great deal on these new cameras without needing a discount code or sale!


What you need

Lets not waste time, and let you know what you need to do to get this deal-

  1. You need to make the purchase from This does not apply at any other retailer!

  2. You must spend more than $300. This means that the cameras that are $299.99, you either need to get something else that you want, or you should throw on GoPro’s cheapest accessory, “The Tool” for $4.99 to get the discount.

  3. You need to live in North America, or be able to order via US billing info. Sorry, rest of the entire world.

  4. You need to buy using a qualifying American Express Credit Card. This, unfortunately is the crux of the deal, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need one to use this discount. Don’t worry though…

  5. You have until DECEMBER 17, 2019 (just in time for christmas!) to utilize this deal. So, if you want to try to get a qualifying AMEX card between now and then for this deal, do it!

How to do it

This is is pretty simple, as long as you have the card, but I’ll walk you through how to check if you qualify too.

METHOD 1 - Checking to see if your card qualifies

  1. Go to this page to see the deal:

  2. By clicking “Add to card,” It will ask you to login. If this sketches you out, go to your AMEX page FIRST, log in, and then go to the link so you know it’s legit!

  3. If your card qualifies, it will likely say that you need to redeem this on your account. Clicking that will take you to a page that restates the terms, and then has a “redeem” button.

  4. Clicking the “Redeem” button applies that deal to your card, and will dump you into The deal can then be found on the offers page, but now on the “Added to card” tab. you’re now good to go!

  5. Go to, fill your card with more than $300 worth of merchandise (usually this is BEFORE tax, so watch out for $299.99!)

  6. Buy your stuff, and you will be charged FULL PRICE (don’t worry!) for it. According to to the terms, you will receive $60 back on your card within 30-90 days… we hope it’s sooner for you!

METHOD 2 - Straight to the offers!

The terms once on your account

  1. Log into your AMEX account, and find the offers page. It’s usually

  2. Search for “GoPro" on the page, and you should find it pretty quickly.

  3. Follow step 4 and onward in method 1 above.

The Best Deals

Obviously, as long as your order is over $300, it doesn’t matter what you get, but we think the best deals are as follows-

  • 19% off Hero7 Black Edition ($270 after discount) - Great budget option!

  • 15% off Hero8 Black Edition ($340 after discount) - The latest and greatest!

  • 60% off GoPro Fusion MSRP ($240) - GoPro recently removed this item from the store, hopefully it returns in time for this amazing deal!

  • 12% off GoPro MAX ($440) - the new kid on the block!

Did this deal work for you? Let us know how much you saved in the comments below!